Drop the DRAMA, live your DHARMA. by Arielle Rabier

It is clear to me now, more then ever, that I am living my life's purpose. Whether I'm practicing yoga or teaching, every time I return to my mat I recognize my soul's reason for being on this planet.

And it feels damn good. 

This clarity came about during a particularly challenging time. Drowning in doubt, I called my teacher in Encinitas and said, "I need to talk about dharma vs. ego."

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Mindfulness + Stability for Pincha Mayurasana by Arielle Rabier

Once flexibility and strength provide access to inversions, your mind must be able to concentrate on the many factors it takes to levitate. These exercises will challenge your focus and ability to sustain a stable position in body and mind. Additionally, binds help demonstrate the power of equal + opposite force to resist gravity. 

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